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Related article: Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 14:45:43 +0000 From: Troubled Kid Subject: Adventure-Training-2Disclaimer: The following is a storey of two teenager boys. Sorry if that offends you, but hey, not my fault! If it's illegal for you to read this then don't. But if it is illegal, I wont tell anyone! Just don't get caught.One thing I missed off in the last chapter's disclaimer, is this: I DO NOT condon any sexual activity with underage boys. The sex parts of my storey are few and far between and, when they eventually happen, FANTASY! I would never actually do anything with a younger boy because I would never be confident that it was completely consenting, and that I had hadn't convinced him to do it, no matter how innocent I thought I had been.This is LOOSELY based on myself and the people I know. Names and places have been changed to protect identities and the storey it is allot different from my real life. Apart from 3 or 4 main characters, all other similarity between characters and places and real people and locations is entirely accidental, so please accept my apologies.I got a few emails with spelling corrections last time: who knew that there wasn't an "e" in horny? Not me! It seems that Microsoft words spell checker wasn't designed for these sort of files! Keep up the emails!Finally:Dedications:- To the real life version of James and Martin. You are my best mates and always will be. We need more nights like Saturday, drinking and talking until early morning. **Raises glass to good friends**To Simon, it wasn't you I fell in love with, it was my perfect image of you, so please don't be offended by this if ever you read it.And to Tyler, the first person who knew both my sexuality and my real name. It helps to talk about this sort of thing, even if that person is on the other side of the world, so thank you.-----------------------------------------------Adventure-TrainingChapter TwoJames and I sat with Simon during dinner and the only one really saying anything was James. Simon and I ate and listened in silence, until we had all finished. Getting up to take our trays to the front, Mr. Davis came up to us."Anyone wanna come down the Pub? Mr. Smiths getting the first round!" He smiled and rubbed his hands together. He looked around me and saw Simon. "Ah, over 18s only, I'm afraid Simon""Well that counts me out, Terry" He preferred we call him by his first name on trips, but I knew not to try it in lessons! "I'm not 18 until June"."Oh," He looked dejected. He had clearly only been trying to explain to Simon why he couldn't come, not stop me from heading down the road to the pub with them. "Well, sorry Mark"."It's ok, I am knackered anyway.""Well I'm up for it!" James could never say no to a drink, and the idea of seeing some of the people who had taught us over the last years drunk must have been amazingly tempting."Ok, I'll see you guys later." I put my tray on the trolley and began to head upstairs. Simon copied Little Preteen Nymphets my every move without a word being said between us. It was like having a shadow. I wasn't complaining, it was a cute shadow. Hell, why was I thinking that? I had to hit myself mentally, I shouldn't be thinking like that about him!Once in the room, I crawled on to my bunk and the athletic Simon leapt up without breaking his pace to his. The two boys who were arguing over James bunk early were lying on there beds too. I obviously wasn't the only one who was tired. I closed my eyes and listened to there conversation."Do you know what groups we are in for the walk tomorrow?" The first asked"No idea, they are sorting us out in the morning"."I hope I am not in HIS group!" He points at the bunk below him, where James would be sleeping. "he's scary"I couldn't help it, I laughed."sorry, sorry," I said "there's no reason to be scared of James. You listen to him and take on board what he says, and he'll treat you fairly.""Well that's REALLY reassuring" He said sarcastically."What's your name?""Greg, and this is Sam" He pointed at the other kid. "your Mark, right?""Yeah""and I'm Simon" A voice above me came out with."yeah, I know you!" Sam spoke up for the first time "Your in my history class!""yeah, I Little Preteen Nymphets sit at the back, I don't think you would have seen me too often"I listened to the three of them talk for awhile until I fell asleep again, for the second time in as many hours. I woke again as James opened the door. It was dark now and he had had one too many and, despite his best efforts, wasn't keeping his noise down. I got off the bed and began to undress. I had fallen asleep in my clothes and I hate waking up in the morning still dressed. James had gotten to sleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. I heard his snoring start before I had gotten back in to bed myself."He makes quiet a racket" Simons voice made me jump"Yeah. Makes me glad I didn't go down the pub! He's going to wake up feeling really rough!""I hate hangovers""How the hell do you know what a hang over feels like! Your 14!""Meh"This kid was weird. I wanted to think that he just was trying to sound cool, saying he knew what it felt like to get drunk. If he had argued with me, it would have been easy to think that. But he just let the subject drop there, like he didn't mind whether or not I believed him. I was impressed. I have known many people, both my own age, younger and older, and all of them cared what people think and all of them always cared about appearances. All of them cared about whether or not we believe what they said they had done in their lives. Simon, here, seemed to just brush it off. It had taken years for me to learn that it really wasn't important to look cool, and as soon as I stopped trying, I found life easier and I found being around friends easier."Sorry" I said to the darkness in front of me "I didn't mean to accuse of lying""I know."I fell asleep shortly after and woke as everyone began getting up."hey, Mark, wake up! its 7! Mr. Smith said we had to be at breakfast by now!" Greg looked frantic as he tried to wake me. He saw me move and left me to get myself up.I wasn't tired thanks to my early night, but I knew the person I was about to wake would be. I pulled myself from under the covers and crossed over to James in my boxers. I shock him by the shoulder"hey, James, get up mate!"He swung his arm out to push me away as he woke up. I laughed as I dodged his attempt at hitting me. I started to get dressed. All the other kids were in a hurry, to make sure they were at breakfast before the teachers. No one wanted to get in to trouble but I knew, that if James was anything to go by, none of the teachers would be in a huge hurry to get up!I walked to breakfast, James staggered, and Simon followed. In the food hall, the teachers looked as bad as James. We grabbed our cereal and toast and went to sit down. Greg and Sam joined the three of us this time. It was quiet amazing. In the space of one evening all the groups that people would hang around in were sorted out. During the time in the hostel and in the evenings, the 5 of us stuck together. During the day was different, though.Mr. Smith split us in to 2 groups. I was in charge of one, James of the other. I ended up with Simon and Greg in my group for the week. This was the first time I looked closely at Greg. He was taller than Simon, but not by much, probably just below average for his age. He had dark hair and was quiet thin.The walk that day was tiring. Mr. Smith liked to drive us hard. Each of the two groups left in a minibus and parked at either end of the walk. We would meet each other in the middle, swap keys and have lunch. I talked the whole way with Simon. We talked about all kinds of things, what books we read (it seemed we were both in the middle of reading Andy McNab's Nick Stone books - trashy spy fiction written by an Ex SAS solider), what we listen to (Rammstein and Greenday, strange combination!) and favourite TV shows. Not surprisingly, we had that in common too, but tell me a teenager that DOESN'T love The Simpsons? I also talked with him about what sports we do."Sailing?" He asked as we walked along the banks of a river following the valley down the hill."Yeah, sailing. My Dad taught me when I was about 9 and I've been sailing whenever I can since. On holidays, at the local yacht club and even with the school!""the school does sailing?""Yeah! Mr. Davis has RYA level 5, so he instructs us. Its that or Rugby, and I know what sports option I would prefere!""What years can do it?""Well, only year 11 and above, because we have our PE afternoon on the same day. But we sailing on Saturdays and after school during the summer. why? you interested?""well, yeah." He smiled. "My cousin took me sailing a few years ago when I stayed with them for a Little Preteen Nymphets few days. I really enjoyed it! I didn't realise we could do it at school!""Talk to Terry," I stopped myself. "Sorry, Talk to Mr. Davis! He say whether or not you can come along""cool!"We talked through out the whole walk, with the only pausing being for lunch, where our group of 5 reformed again. The other team had to leave after only a short time. We had met up with them a long way past the half waypoint - they were late! Our group took its time to finish eating as we weren't rushed. Setting off, Simon fell to the back as before and just talked the whole time. I said how I usually don't tell everything about myself to one person, but talking to Simon felt like talking to an old friend, like there was nothing we couldn't talk about. He told me all about his home life. How annoying his sister was to him, how he hated living where he lived because he was too far out of the town to walk and the busses were crap. I knew how he felt. Before I passed my driving test, It seemed so isolated where we live. I told him all about me, my brother. He complained about his sister, but I told him brothers are no better, especially not older brothers!We laughed and joked until we reached the national trust car park where the Minibus was waiting. We scrabbled on board and I took the same seat as usual: next to the sliding door. It's the only one that really has enough legroom for me. I almost didn't notice, but Simon took the seat next to me. We were all tired and Simon began to fall asleep leaning against my shoulder as we drove the hour-long trip back. I remember thinking that it felt good to have him lie again me and feel the warmth from his body, just before falling asleep myself.I woke as the bus pulled up outside the hostel and I found Simon had fallen asleep against my shoulder and my head was leaning on top of his. I quickly moved myself before anyone noticed, least of all Simon, but everyone was too busy waking up leaning on their friends too! He smiled at me before picking up his day sack and moving past me, getting off first.And this was how it went for the next week. I began to wonder who I talked to most as the days Little Preteen Nymphets went by, Simon or James? The answer had to be Simon, because I only saw James when we were at the hostel, and Simon was always there then too. During the day, we did all the things I had always done here. Abseiling, canoeing, walking, mountain biking, and all the time I spent talking to Simon and sometimes Greg too. I had brought a Frisbee with me, and, even though it was April, the sun was out and the weather was hot. We spent evening playing football or throwing the Frisbee around on the field out the back of the hostel in shorts and tee shirts. Cards became apart of our trip too. The teachers never really plan evening events for us, so it was up to individuals to entertain themselves. On one or two nights, I joined the teachers and James at the pub, but I didn't really enjoy it all too much so most nights I spent chatting to Simon, Sam and Greg.----------------------------------------------------You'll be glad to know that's all the setting up I really need to do. From here on in, there should be much more character interactions and less descriptions. Keep up all the emails, there is little better than hearing someone say they can't wait for the next chapter. Thank you!
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